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VAW aluminium industries sdn bhd


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Our Facilities
Process Flow Chart
Cold Mill and Foil Mill
Tension Leveller & Cut To Lenght
Product Range
Range of Products
Alu Sheets-alloy,spec. & app.
Alu Coil & Foil-alloy, spec. & app.
Technical Expertise & ISO certification
Project Reference
Achievements & Vision
Company Quality Policy

Product Data Sheet
(Includes Technical
Flat Sheet
Blister Foil
Thread Plate
Stucco Embossed Sheet  & Coil
Coils-Coloured Finish
11 C


Alu  LME Prices
Daily Prices
Y-T-D chart
Hist-1989 till date
Crude Oil
Brent Oil Price
Exch & Interest rates
Exchange rates
Interest Rates
Other info
Conversion Table
AISB Sports Club
2001 World Holidays
MAS JB/KL  flight schedule
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