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VAW aluminium industries Sdn Bhd 


Aluminium Flat Sheets
Aluminium flat sheets are produced by Aluminium Industries Sdn. Bhd. in various alloys, tempers (mill finish), thicknesses, widths and lengths, with surface finishes either in plain, stucco-embossed or 5 bar pattern tread plates. Some common applications for the flat sheets are - bus bodies, wall claddings for high-rise & industrial buildings, kitchen sinks, lamp holders, fan blades, component parts for the electronics industry and other engineering uses.

Aluminium Coiled Sheets
Aluminium coiled sheets are produced by Aluminium Industries Sdn. Bhd. in various alloys, tempers (mill finish), thicknesses and, widths, with surface finishes either in plain or stuco-embossed,. Some common applications for the coiled sheets are - advertising signboards, industrial insulation, strip ceiling and awnings & foil stock.

Aluminium Cast Strips
These are also available in various alloys s mentioned above in coil form.

Aluminium Circles
Aluminium Industries Sdn. Bhd. produces aluminium circles which are used widely by manufacturers / fabricators of household utensils, light fixtures and road signs to mention a few. Where required, the circles are produced to soft drawable quality especially for the utensils industry.

Aluminium Corrugated Sheets
Aluminium Industries Sdn. Bhd. produces aluminium corrugated sheets in various profiles by roll forming process. Some common applications for these sheets are - wall cladding including fascia and other building uses like poultry farms, village houses, fencing, thermal insulation cladding (especially for boilers, storage tanks & precipitators) and sandwich panels. Aluminium corrugated sheets are suitable for such applications because of its certain special qualities e.g. corrosion resistance, high thermal reflectivity, low thermal emissivity, light yet strong and easy to handle.

Aluminium Foil
Aluminium Industries Sdn. Bhd. also produces high quality aluminium foil produced from high quality foil stock. Some common applications for the foil are finstock, packaging, cable wrapping, ducting, diaphragms, insulation, SRC and. household application.


Nominal Densities of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys